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On the recent edition of Desert Island Discs – Sandi Tokswig gives a brilliant quote from her father, on the process of writing.

Her father told her – First you decide which fish you want to catch, then you hook it and reel it in; then you fillet it, until you are ready to serve only the best bit of the fish – So, write for a purpose and an audience, have something that will hook their interest, then bring them with you, but before you serve the fruits of your labour, edit it down to only the best.

Here is the link for the BBC Young Writers Award. Click on this and hear Sir Ian McKellen read the winner.

The link for the judgement of the BBC Short Story Award is

and if you take a step back – gives you access to choose your own.

More goodies coming up on

The Crime Vault @TheCrimeVault

We’re going festive from Monday! Watch out for our 12 days of @TheCrimeVault Christmas treats, recommended reads and competitons

And if you want a bit of a distraction you can find Mark Billingham indulging his passion for country music via – Maybe if you’re doing something where you want a distraction – washing up, ironing, painting a skirting board.


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