Poems based on phonic patterns

Please click to open, so you can see where the line-breaks come.

Gym club hubbub

Roll, stroll, shrug and spread.

Sprint, squat, stand on your head.

Straddle, stride, twirl, whirl, whizz.

Don’t shake your rucksack.

You’ll make your pop fizz.


Swinging flasks,

sprinkle, squirt, spray.

You’re wetting the floor!

Put your pop away.


Tumble, rumble, stumble, fall.

Spring back up.

No bumps at all.

Scream on a beam

Screech so shrill.

Get told off,

But it’s still a thrill.


Floor flies up.

Slip, thrash, splat.

Stretch into splits and

Miss the mat.


Didn’t listen.

Throb, strain, sprain.

Strap up your ankle.

Squeal in pain.




Howl for a vowel


a is for apples, didn’t you know?

e for electric, eggs and elbow.

i for an igloo a home that will freeze,

o is an octopus under the seas.

u an umbrella, a tent on a stick.

Here comes the rain. Put it up quick!


A is an apricot, like a peach that is small

E is an emu, a bird that is tall.

I an ice-cream, a sweet made from ice

O is an ogre, a giant – not nice!

U is a unicorn, a horse with a horn

But why is Y waiting and looking forlorn?





Lords of the Desert


The Tuareg ruled over the desert

The Sahara was once all their land,

But now nomad kingdoms have faded,

They’ve blown away with the sand.


The Sahara has sand that is moving

And changing its shape every day.

The dunes roll like waves on the seashore,

But the Tuareg can still find their way.


Faces protected from sandstorms

By scarves of deep midnight blue.

The sun and stars guide their footsteps,

But their paths are hidden from view.


Camels, like ships full of treasure,

Sailed the sand in past days of old.

From the south where the jungles are steaming

To Cairo they carried their gold.


Today the tents of the nomads

Like desert waters are rare.

How long till the last journey’s ended

And the Tuareg just are not there?



Benny the blenny

A blenny is a small fish that you can find in rock pools at the seaside.


Benny the blenny

Lives down by the beach.

He swims between seaweed

To keep out of reach.


He dives into shadows

He hides by the shade.

His home is a rock pool

The sea tides have made.


He battles with crabs.

If they nip him, he fights.

He shrugs at the shrimps,

Till they’re close, then he bites.


I don’t know if blennies

Sleep when it’s dark.

If they do, I bet Benny

Will dream he’s a shark.





Bear scare

I saw a great grey grizzly bear

His old fur once was brown

He tore up all the dustbins

of the houses in the town


He came out of the forest,

he left his lair behind.

He came to share the spare food

that was eaten by mankind.


I stared with my binoculars

as I sat upon a chair

People ran and locked their doors,

but the bear he didn’t care.


Then from one house a pair of friends

sneaked out for a dare

But they soon ran back inside their door,

when his growl blared through the air.


A bear in town is very rare

and soon he turned to go

All he left was memories, mess,

and footprints in the snow.




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