Poems based on phonic patterns

Please click to open, so you can see where the line-breaks come. Gym club hubbub Roll, stroll, shrug and spread. Sprint, squat, stand on your head. Straddle, stride, twirl, whirl, whizz. Don’t shake your rucksack. You’ll make your pop fizz.   Swinging flasks, sprinkle, squirt, spray. You’re wetting the floor! Put your pop away.   Tumble, rumble, stumble, fall. Spring back up. No bumps at all. Scream on a beam Screech so shrill. Get told off, But it’s still a thrill.   Floor flies up. Slip, thrash, splat. Stretch into splits and Miss the mat.   Didn’t listen. Throb, strain, … Continue reading Poems based on phonic patterns